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Notice of Privacy Practices

Federal Way Naturopathy's Financial Policy

Health insurance is a contract between the patient and their insurance carrier. The insurance policy lists a package of medical benefits such as treatment services, tests, office visits and therapies. The insurance company agrees to cover the cost of certain benefits listed in your policy. These are your covered services.

Your policy also lists the kinds of services that are not covered by your insurance company. These are your exclusions. You must pay for any uncovered medical care that you receive. Keep in mind that a medical necessity is not the same as a medical benefit. A medical necessity is something that your doctor has decided is necessary. A medical benefit is something that your insurance plan has agreed to cover. In some cases, your doctor might decide that you need medical care that is not covered by your insurance policy. Insurance companies determine what tests, therapies and services they will cover. Your insurance company’s choices may mean that the test, therapy or service you need isn’t covered by your policy.

By understanding your insurance coverage, you can help your doctor recommend care that is covered in your plan. Federal Way Naturopathy will try to be familiar with your insurance coverage so we can provide you with covered care. However, there are so many different insurance plans that it’s not possible for your doctor to know the specific details of each plan.

  • Take the time to read your insurance policy. It’s better to know what your insurance company will pay for before you receive a service, get tested or fill a
    prescription. Some kinds of care may have to be approved by your insurance company before your doctor can provide them.
  • If you still have questions about your coverage, call your insurance company and ask a representative to explain it.
  • Your insurance company, not your doctor, makes decisions about what will be paid and what will not.
  • Your physician, not your insurance company, makes medical decisions and recommendations about what will benefit your health.

Some services, tests or therapies recommended by your provider may not be covered by your insurance policy. When you have a test or treatment that isn’t covered, your insurance company won’t pay the bill. You can still obtain the treatment your doctor recommended, but you will have to pay for it yourself. Claims may not be resubmitted with different codes if they have been denied for lack of coverage.

It is the policy of Federal Way Naturopathy to collect all payments or insurance information at the time services are rendered. For your convenience, we accept cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

We will submit your insurance claims directly to any insurance your doctor is contracted with, provided the information we have obtained from you is accurate and complete, however the patient assumes responsibility for all unpaid balances, co-payments, and deductibles due, as well as any non-covered service by the insurance company, including cost of collection. It is the patient’s responsibility to provide the most current insurance information to our office at the time services are rendered. A rebilling charge of $5.00 will be added if claims need to be resubmitted to the correct insurance company.

It is your responsibility to know the limits and exclusions to your insurance coverage.

Cranial Sacral TherapyPreventive office visits

Well-child exams, annual gynecological exams, and routine physicals are coded differently from standard office visits, and are based on the age of the patient and whether you are a new or established patient. Your preventive benefits only cover services provided in the absence of illness or complaints. Legally we are not permitted to resubmit claims with a new diagnosis or procedure code if the claim was accurately submitted as a non-preventive visit. If there are additional concerns brought up at a preventive office visits, there will be an additional brief medical office visit fee

24 Hour Cancellation Notice

A fee of $30 will be charged for cancellations made less than 24 hours from your scheduled appointment. A no show fee of $75 will be assessed for patients that fail to show up for a scheduled appointment.


If you receive a bill from us, it is because we believe the balance is your responsibility. Please contact your insurance company first, if you think there is a problem. If you have any questions about your bill, please call our billing department immediately. If you cannot pay your entire balance, please call to make payment arrangements.

Please note: Labs and other ancillary services – i.e. lab testing, medical imaging, etc. are not part of our practice. Please call the number(s) listed on those statements for assistance.