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Yeast Questionnaire

Do you struggle with gas and bloating, or have generalized itching, or a history of sugar cravings or mold exposure? If yes, please fill out the Candida Questionnaire to determine if you may have a systemic yeast problem. The score key is included with the questionnaire. Completed questionnaires can be brought to your doctor at Federal Way Naturopathy for review and treatment. Click HERE to download the questionnaire

Detoxificatin Questionnaire

Are you in a cycle of poor health, or wish to lose weight and are feeling stuck? Would you like to reset your system after a period (or lifetime) of poor eating? Please fill out the Medical Symptom Questionnaire to find out if a functional detox program may be beneficial to you. Scores greater than 50 are highly encouraged to follow up with their physician for detoxification guidelines. Click HERE to download the questionnaire

Dass Questionnaire

If you are concerned that you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression, or are unsure of which is primary, please fill out the Dass questionnaire and return it to your doctor at FWN for scoring. Click HERE to download the questionnaire