Wiley Hormone Replacement Therapy Available at FWN

We are excited to offer the Wiley protocol created by T.S. Wiley as an option for hormone replacement therapy in women and men. The Wiley protocol is a standardized bio-identical hormone replacement therapy delivery system based on the belief that women must continue to cycle their hormones and have a monthly menstrual bleed as their own body’s ability to produce hormones gradually declines.

FDA approved topical estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone are dosed in a rhythmic manner to mimic a normal healthy cycle of a 20 year old, just as hormones naturally fluctuate throughout a 28-day cycle. There are key differences between Wiley and static dosing of bio-identical hormones. Static dosing is typically low dose hormones delivered at the same dose on a daily basis for symptom relief. On Wiley, hormone dosages increase and drop according to the rhythm of the cycle. Therefore, at certain days of the cycle much higher levels of hormones are applied to mimic ovulation and preparation for menses. Women who don’t have a uterus or ovaries are also candidates for the regimen. Wiley is also available for men as testosterone therapy. The benefits of this type of dosing are alleviation of menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats, vaginal dryness, low libido, fatigue, hair thinning/loss, incontinence, headaches, brain fog, joint and muscle pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and weight gain. Promising research is showing that the Wiley method may be protective against Alzheimer’s, Cardiovascular disease, Osteoporosis, and Cancer.

To learn more about the Wiley protocol it is recommended that you read Sex, Lies & Menopause by T.S. Wiley and visit the website www.wileyprotocol.com

Dr. Karen Rasmussen is a Wiley certified Naturopathic Physician and works with a Wiley registered pharmacy in Washington State.

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